More About Efficiency

Energy usage in the average American home can become much greener by increasing efficiency. One can reduce wasted energy from heating and cooling systems by changing filters regularly, sealing and insulating ducts, using programmable thermostats, and replacing inefficient units with ENERGY STAR approved models. Additionally, if your water heater is 10 years or older, you may want to replace it asap! The life of most water heaters is 10-15 years, and when they fail, home owners rush to replace them, often making quick, uninformed decisions that lead to an inefficient, regretful purchase. For more information on DIY options, check out the ENERGY STAR guide.

OR, contact us for customized recommendations for the right energy-saving appliances, lighting, and strategies for YOUR home. We base our recommendations on your building's structure, microclimate, current usage, available rebates, and your lifestyle and desired ambiance. With our holisitc knowledge of sustainable systems, we can recommend and install diverse options, from landscaping choices to appliance retrofits, that will conserve energy and water.